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New Year New You

New Year's resolutions are about making a positive change to better your health or quality of life. It's important to choose goals that are achievable and attainable. Pick something that can become part of your daily routine. If it's too unattainable, we tend to give up; being hard on ourselves for not sticking to it.

We drink daily smoothies in our house. It's our trick to get all the health benefits in a powerhouse drink. It also means we worry less about what hits our plates at snack time. My New Years Resolution is to make sure they are actually daily! And to make sure that what hits my plate at lunch time is unprocessed and whole foods.

What is your 2021 New Years Resolution?

If you haven't found a resolution that sticks, how about you try adding the smoothie into your routine? If you already drink smoothies regularly, have you tried adding broccoli sprouts to them? They are the ultimate super food and proven disease preventative [prev blog]. We also add collagen powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, diatomaceous earth and lion's mane mushroom powder. Smoothies are great for adding in those foreign sounding superfoods AND giving you a fresh fruit and vegetable boost.

Here's our Signature Smoothie Recipe. Give it a try. Add it into your daily routine and feel immensely better!

Try our Broccoli Seeds Sprouting Kit and have your own fresh sprouts, sprouted in 4 days.


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