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Top 3 Sprouting Tips

Broccoli Sprouts are emerging as the mightiest super food that's fighting cancer and disease. But what it's really gaining popularity for is the easy and cost effective way you can sprout in your own home. Here are three of our top tips for getting the highest yield of Broccoli Sprouts when using a sprouting kit.


This jar is the place where your sprouts will do all their growing. After you rinse and drain, it's essential that the sprouts can breathe. We recommend that they sit on an angle for good air circulation and that all the water is properly drained out.


Let your jar sit in a window sill or somewhere it gets bright and indirect light. A few hours of direct sun is ok, but you don't want to cook the sprouts. As they mature they'll get a dark green leafy top and then they'll be ready to eat.


Rinse frequently with clean, filtered water. It is important to rinse twice a day and before you eat. Fresh is best. Consume within 2-3 days. Or we recommend freezing and adding them frozen to your smoothie.

Benefits of Sprouting

Broccoli Sprouts load a lot of fibre protein into just a few calories. They contain 100 times more glucoraphanin than mature broccoli - the nutrient that becomes sulforaphane in the body. They also contain lots of vitamins and nutrients making them truly stand out as a super food.

Visit Sprouted Australia to Shop our high quality DIY kits with everything you need to start sprouting. Start your health journey today with fresh homegrown sprouts.

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