2 x 500g Bags of High Quality, Untreated Broccoli Sprouting Seeds with a tested 95% Germination rate.Untreated seeds specifically refers to the seed being free of chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide as a seed coating. They are not certified or guaranteed to be organic, even though we source our seeds from Organic Farms/Suppliers.  Untreated sprouting seeds are Food Quality and have a high sprouting rate, meaning you'll get beautiful green sprouts in apprx 5 days. They come in a food-grade, resealable pouch and have a shelf life of approximately 2 years.  Consumed fresh, and sprouted at the 4-6 day mark, they contain the highest amounts of Sulforaphane which has immense health benefits. One kilograms of seeds will provided you with approximately 40 jars of mature sprouts. That's 160 daily serves of mature sprouts!!  ! It's recommended to consume 1/2 cup of mature sprouts per day.

1 kilo Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting

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