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Broccoli sprouts contain Sulforaphane and you can grow at home with our DIY broccoli seed sprouting kits.  The broccoli sprouts will be ready to eat in 5 days.  This broccoli seed sprouting kit contains two sprouting jars and 500g of broccoli seeds.  They are 1000ml wide-mouth mason jars with stainless steel mesh lids and each jar comes with a draining rack.  The seeds are untreated broccoli seeds for sprouting.  


Our broccoli sprouting seeds are  high quality, untreated broccoli seeds specific for sprouting. They have a high sprouting rate, meaning you'll get beautiful green sprouts in apprx 5 days. Untreated seeds are free of chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide as a seed coating.   They are non-GMO and are not chemically sprayed upon entering the country.  They arrive in a food-grade, resealable pouch which we reccomend to store in a dark, and dry place to preserve their sprouting quality. 


This Kit contains:

  • 2 x 1000ml Wide Mouth glass mason jars.
  • 2 x Draining lids – 304 High Grade Stainless Steel and Rustproof.
  • 2 x Mesh Lids - 304 High Grade Stainless Steel and Rustproof.
  • 500g gram bag of top quality sprouting broccoli seeds
  • 2 x Adjustable Draining racks
  • Instructional Growing guide and FAQ

The Super Saver Sprouting Kit is perfect for two people who want to enjoy sprouts daily. You can have two jars on the go at different stages and have non-stop sprouts.  500 grams of seeds will provided you with approximately 20 jars of mature sprouts. That's 80 daily serves of mature sprouts!! ! It's recommended to consume 1/2 cup of mature sprouts per day. One jar holds about 2 cups of mature sprouts.


The mesh lids can have water poured through and drained out repeatedly without rusting.  The convenient draining rack will help you keep your jar upside down and on an angle to promote the best airflow. Once they have sprouted for 4-7 days you can break them up and put them in the freezer in a bag. Then start sprouting again!


To learn more, go to our home page! To answer your questions visit FAQ.


Super Savers Broccoli Seed Sprouting Kit

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