Sprouted Australia Organic Broccoli Seed Sprouting Kits
Sprouted Australia
 Organic Broccoli Seed Sprouting Kits

The AMAZING Health Benefits of

Broccoli Sprouts!

They have the highest amounts of Sulforaphane, an active compound found especially broccoli sprouts, that has an incredible amount of health benefits, including cell detoxification, immunity, gut health and decreased diseases across the whole body. 

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Grow amazing broccoli sprouts in just 4 days with NO soil...
All you need is one of our top quality kits, natural light and clean water.

Our kits contain EVERYTHING you need:

  • Wide Mouth Glass Mason Jar.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Mesh Lid for easy draining .

  • Foldable Draining Rack.

  • Instructional Sprouting Guide and FAQ.

  • ​High Quality Sprouting Broccoli Seeds.

  • Sustainable with NO plastic.